Don't Hand over the Escapees in Their Time of Distress

By Uyghur Aid - August 28, 2018

How can it be that there is no safe haven for the Uyghurs in some of the countries where they have managed to escape from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and from the clutches of the Chinese communist party. When it was still possible, many Uyghurs left their families, houses and fortune behind and sneaked out to countries like Thailand or Malaysia. Crossing the border to the neighboring a country did not always seem to bring much relief. Those that managed to escape may have for ever lost the opportunity to return to their homeland.

“Other countries do not need to worry about the Malaysian Government’s decision over the matter,” told the Malaysian police in February 2018, after eleven Uyghurs were caught in Malaysia after having managed to escape from a prison in Thailand. Plans were made to expel them to back to China. Why should other countries not care? After all, it is widely known that there are gross human rights violations taking place against the Uyghur minority in China. Why should other countries stay silent? It is the moral responsibility of any self respecting nation to stand for the oppressed, and not to turn them into the hands of their oppressor!

Channel 4 News reported in 2014 that Thai Police had found three hundred Uyghurs huddled up on the mountain top in Thailand, some with small children in their arms. They had not eaten for days, and many were quite weak. What did the Thai police do? They locked them up and started to negotiate with China about their extradition to China.

Why did Egypt bow down to the pressure from the Chinese government, when it demanded the return of Uyghur students to Xinjiang. Some students were as young as seventeen.

Though Turkey could be much more vocal in the international forum about the oppression of the Uyghurs, one can laud the country for creating safe places for the Uyghurs to settle within its borders. The Turkish border control seem to turn the blind eye to the forged Turkish travel documents, that many Uyghurs have obtained from a third country en route to Turkey.

Many Western nations have also welcomed Uyghurs and have provided them with a platform to share their concerns. May the conscience of other countries be awakened. China needs to be confronted, not only by a handful of Western politicians, but by a corporate, world wide voice! The nations cannot stay silent when over a million of innocent Uyghurs are extra judicially detained in their homeland.