Anwar's Story

By Uyghur Aid - October 15, 2018

Salamulaykum brothers and sisters all around the world!

My name is Anwar. I live in Holland. I am from Karawogha, Konasheher of Eastern Turkistan. Now, I give evidence about my mother Horikhan Qasim and my brother Omarjan Turdi. My mum and my elder brother were arrested and taken to the so called “re-education camp” at the beginning of 2018. One of the reasons for detaining was they visited me in Holland in 2014. The other reason for my brother’s detention was that he had not been compliant with the government order that requested doctors not to treat patients who grows a beard or is wearing hijab. My brother is a doctor. The other likely reason for my mum being detained is that she went to Mecca for a hajj 2 years ago.

I could not get any information about my dad, my elder sister and two younger brothers. I have no idea if they are still live or dead. My uncle was sentenced to jail for political reason in 2014. Now, it has been already 4 years. We could not get any information about him either.

At the end, I would like to say, the family members or relatives of 90% of Uyghur diaspora around the world have been locked up and undergoing torture by Chinese regime in those concentration camps or prisons. It is already time for us to speak up, conquer our fear and give testimonies. I sincerely call for all the Uyghur brothers & sisters to united together, support our leaders, give your testimonies and make contributions.