Adalet's Story

By Uyghur Aid - November 2, 2018

Peace be to you all, my name is Adalet Ahmed.

In 15 September 2015 I came to study in Egypt after my application had been approved by Chinese Immigration Department. It’s been three years since I’ve living abroad after I left East Turkistan. My home town is in city centre of Shayar county in Aksu city. My father is Ahmed Kadir, he is 52 years of age. Mum is Nizabetchimen and she is 50. I have two brothers, my older brother Adil Ahmed is 30 and have 3 children. My younger brother Alim Ahmed is 22.

My last contact with my family was when I spoke with them on WeChat on 15 March 2017. Two months later I heard from University friends that the Chinese government was going to send Chinese security police officials to Egypt to force us back home. So we decided to run to Turkey.

After I arrived in Turkey I was worried about my family, I was too afraid to pick up phone to make a call, I knew with one phone call they can end up in prison just because I study in Egypt not that I know that its illegal. Through friends and local community I have been hearing news about my father. From what I heard he was put into the “Education Camp” in April 2017 for having daughter who studied abroad. Up until now I couldn’t trace my mum and my two brothers whereabouts, my contact with them is all cut off so I am not sure if they are still doing ok or not.

While studying in Egypt I had a cousin Abdusami Turdi living with me also studying at the University. But in September 2016 he went back home to East Turkistan after being put through many times pressure by the Chinese security police officials. And when his family was threatened if Abdusami was not going to come back home immediately the family would end up in the Internment Camp.

To our horror even though he returned home he was sent to ten years prison term in march 2017, the reason was for studying abroad. Even though it was legal process at the time when he was applying for his studies but the authorities stress that it is illegal to study abroad now.

Abdusami has a older brother Abdughani Turdi, he is 33 years old. He went for a holiday trip to Dubai in may 2013 through a local travel agent on a group tour. He was taken to the Internment Camp in same year as my dad in April 2017. This has happened one and half year ago. I am in complete dark, I have absolutely no idea of their whereabouts, their well-being whether they are in camps or prisons or even if they are alive or not.

Today I’m testifying on my family and my extended family. Their rights have been taken away, they are subject brutal treatment and torture, they are voiceless! I am their voice!

I am pledging for their immediate release. I wanted to know where they are and their well- being. I want answers from the International Human Rights and United Nations.