Abdushkur's Story

By Uyghur Aid - November 5, 2018

  • Peace be to you, how are you?
  • Peace be to you, I’m good thank you
  • Can you please introduce yourself?
  • My name is Abdushkur Rozi. I’m from area 2 house number 35 of Zemen village, Chagman town of old Kashkar city.
  • When did you speak to your parents last and what are their names?
  • I’ve been in Turkey for about two years. Its been a one year and half since I spoke with my mum and dad. I’m here in Istanbul supporting myself juggling between work and my studies. My mum is Tokuz Tursun, my dad Rozahun Omar. I have eight siblings, my brothers are Omarjan Rozi, Abdushkur , Abdulla , Abduzahir, Abdusami, Muhammad and my two sisters Ayesha and Nafisa. To this day I don’t know their whereabouts. I don’t know if they have been taken to the political education camp or anywhere else or whether they are alive or not.
  • What about your mum?
  • Last April I spoke with one of my friend from back home, when I asked him about my family, he told me they were all in re-education camp.
  • Do you have any news from your mum’s side of the family?
  • My mum's mum is Nuhan Abdulla, her dad is Tursun Tumur and her two brothers Mamtili Tursun and Aziztili Tursun are in re-education camp. I wanted to know whats happening to them.
  • Have you spoken to anyone, did you testify anywhere else? Have you requested about their disappearance?
  • I’ve spoken to the media, I wrote a letter to the Human Rights Group, International Red Cross and Amnesty International.
  • Thank you brother, thank you.