Abdurahman's Testimony

By Uyghur Aid - January 15, 2019

My name is Abdurahman Hesen. I am one of the people, who learned about the Chinese government’s concentration camps project in the early times and I am the first person that gave a testimony about one's Uyghur family.

The Chinese government took my wife to a concentration camp. They also took my mother to the camp, regardless that she was a teacher working for the government. I have realized that the Chinese government’s vision is to annihilate the Uyghur people. I have heard of deaths of over 20 people each day in the camps. I have also announced it to the world and requested the Chinese government to “shoot my mom and my wife, I would pay for the bullet”. I am also working hard to know their present situation and their whereabouts. I will not stop my journey until I succeed. Thank you!