Aysha's Story

By Uyghur Aid - January 15, 2019

Peace be upon you! My name is Aysha Abduleziz and I'm from Gulja. I'm a university student in Turkey and I have been studying here for 5 years. I'm testifying about the disappearance of my family members. My brother Abdurrahman Abduleziz, who is 30 years old, was taken away to the so called "re-education" center in the beginning of May 2017. Since then I haven't been able to locate him, neither do I know how he is doing and which camp he was sent to.

My father Abduleziz, is a 60 year-old shopkeeper. Just after being released from hospital in July 7th 2017, the Chinese policE came to his house and took him away. Since then he has also disappeared! I don't know where is is, or whether he is alive. I asked from my mom again and again about them, she said I couldn't contactwith them.

This is my mother Reshide, is a 57 year old house wife. I was able to keep in touch with her once a month until the end of February 2018, after which I completely lost contact with her. I tried to call her again and again, but the phone didn't connected at all. My mother's health was not good. She underwent a surgery in October 2016, and should be well taken care of. After the disappearance of my father and my brother, her health got worse. She went down with illness and was diagnosed with high blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg and a serious heart disease. It has been 10 months now that I have not heard of my family. There is nobody in my family that has committed any kind of crime or has done something against the Chinese law They just tried to give their children a good education.

I demand the Chinese government to provide information about my parents and my brother, and release them all! I won't give up until I get information and see them all walk free!