Muhammad's Story

By Uyghur Aid - January 15, 2019

My name is Muhammad Tohti Atawulla. I am from Orulush Sighiz Kol village, Hoten county, Hoten Prefecture in East Turkistan. I am currently living in Kahriman Marash, in Turkey. I am giving a testimony about my family and my friends. My youngest brother, Rozi Memet, who is 22 year- old was detained and taken to a concentration camp in March 2017.

My another younger brother Memeteli Atawulla, who is 28 years old was also detained in 2017 and was sent to a concentration camp and is still there. In May 2017, my brother-in-law Memettursun Islam, who is 40 years old, was detained with other 60 people in his village and each of them were sentenced  to 6 years in jail. I heard that now he is in jail in Kashgar. My 60 year-old mother Beyshixan Hoshur was detained by police with other 20 older women in our town in March 2018. Until now I do not know her whereabouts. I have lost contact with my family since May 2018. I request my family members to be released and maintain normal contact with them.