Yaqup's Story

By Uyghur Aid - January 15, 2019

My name is Yaqup Osman. I am from Chinar Bagh District, Village #3, Pichan County, Turpan Prefecture. I am giving testimony about my family.

My father’s name is Osman Noor, He was detained in May 2017 to a Chinese concentration camp and I have no any information about him since then. My mother Hebibe Han Abdulla, who is 50 years old, was detained in Jan 2018 to a concentration camp and I have no further information about her either. My younger brother Adil Osman, 27 years old. He was detained by the police because he had sent me money for my tuition fees abroad. I have no information about his present situation. My younger sister Shehide Osman, who is 23 years old was detained in Jan 2018 to the concentration and until now I have not received any information about her. I request the Chinese government to release my family and let me have normal contact with my family members!