Happy Mothers's Day

By Uyghur Aid - May 12, 2019

I had the privilege of connecting with a young, courageous Uyghur lady named Ziba, who is advocating for the release of her mother, Dr. Gulshan Abbas. Dr. Abbas has been arbitrarily detained in a Chinese “re-education camp” since September 11, 2018. On this Mothers’ Day I wanted to ask Ziba, how she’s feeling.

  • Ziba, can you briefly tell about your mother.

  • She is a very a gentle and caring soul, "wouldn't want to hurt a fly" as a saying goes.

  • Could you kindly share three happy memories of spending time with her.

  • I remember drinking coffee with her at Starbucks and chatting about the world's business. We call it taghdin baghdin in Uyghur. I also liked cooking with her and messing up stuff. Once she made us try her " homemade secret ingredient" face mask on our faces. None of us knew what was in it, she wouldn’t tell us.

  • What aspects do you think you have inherited from your mother?

  • Her soft heart and shyness.

  • You have written “Hang in there, Mom! Be Strong!” on your Twitter profile. How do you think, your mother would reply to you, if she was given the chance?

  • She is a strong woman. I think she would say " I am ok, but don't give up on me."

  • How have you been coping since your mother’s disappearance?

  • I’m trying to pass one day at a time, and I’m praying I won’t have a mental break down. My only coping mechanism right now is my daughter.

  • If you made her a Mother’s day Card, what would you draw and write on it?

  • She has always said, that she would like a house in the country side and grow her own veggies and fruit. I'm not good at drawing, but I would try to draw that for her or at least something close.

  • Do you have a word of encouragement you would like to share with others, whose parents have gone missing?

  • Don't give up, remember that you are the only strength that your loved ones and your relatives have, and you are the power that keeps them going, so stay strong and keep fighting!