What We Do

UyghurAid is an international non-profit human rights organization committed to promoting and protecting the human rights, religious freedom and interest of the Uyghur people, both within East Turkestan and abroad. Like water to fish, like air to people, so is freedom for all humans. We believe every single person should have the right to be respected as a human being, to feel they have been listened to, and to be able give witness. This is a true key to peace.. UyghurAid provides a platform for Uyghur people to be heard; expose the systematic persecution, harassment, torture, and imprisonment of Uyghur people and all people in East Turkestan.

UyghurAid aims to financially support Uyghurs and other people of East Turkekestan, who are victims of persecution by the Chinese government, and their families. Uyghuraid encourages people to testify and be a witness. We document people’s witness accounts, collect evidences and provide it to international human rights organizations and international media.

UyghurAid organizes events and demonstrations. It trains volunteers to get involved with the Uyghur cause; it Co-operates with other human rights organizations. UyghurAid provide principles of democracy, rule of law and leadership training for Uyghurs and other people of East Turkestan, to defend their rights, strive for the future of our nation.

UyghurAid provides refugee consultancy, gathers and maintains a list of case documents to be forwards to the UN human rights office.