Uyghur Talk

Uyghur Talk (10): this is happening because Chinese authority decided to make it happen.
Uyghur Talk (9): Why a sciencist turn to become an activist?
Uyghur Talk (8): Is there a genocide in the Uyghur region?
UyghurTalk (7) : Is the current situation of Uyghur really bad as the media reported so far?
Uyghur Talk (6): What Uyghur diaspora should do? What was the Uyghur nationalism about?
Uyghur Talk (5): Why Muslims keep their voice down when it comes to Uyghurs?
Uyghur Talk (4): What should we do for more people speak for Uyghurs
Uyghur Talk (3): What’s the root of the Uyghur plight?
Uyghur Talk (2): What do Uyghurs expecting from Japan?
Uyghur Talk (1) : Born and Raise at abroad, what makes him an advocate for Uyghurs?